Why make multiple payments a month on student loans if you don't have to? Simplify your life with iHELP's Private Student Loan Consolidation program. Score a competitive, fixed rate** so you can plan payments without worrying about surprises.

You've got enough to keep track of without stressing about multiple loan payments. Get organized. Spend your energy thinking about things you actually like -- not money you owe. Apply to consolidate your student loan debt today!



  • Reduce multiple private loans into one monthly payment
  • Apply to release your cosigner after 24 consecutive months of on time payments*
  • Competitive, fixed rates**

Do You Qualify?

  • You're qualified to consolidate your private student loans with iHELP if:
    • You've graduated from an eligible school.
    • You have a qualifying credit history and income level, or have a qualifying cosigner.
    • Your private student loans total from $25,000 to $100,000 for undergraduate school, or up to $150,000 for graduate school.

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Equal Opportunity Lender

*Additional qualifying criteria apply.

**Options are dependent upon the school the borrower graduated from.

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