Welcome to Your Interactive Sitemap!

This interactive sitemap is meant to give you an understanding of how we plan to organize your website for maximum usability and effectiveness. Please keep the following points in mind as you preview this site:

  • This site is NOT meant to represent the visual design of your site. Your site will look completely different.
  • You may see this site as overly text-heavy: this is NOT meant to represent how much text will be on your site, or how many pictures, only to help you visualize how the site will be organized.
  • Your navigation may be arranged differently from how it is presented on this site: for example, in the final design, subcategories may appear horizontally under the primary categories, rather than on the left side. This is not what we want to focus on at this point.
  • Your homepage on this site is NOT meant to represent how the final homepage will be laid out, only to represent which items will be on the homepage.