"Sunnyside is a stable, friendly, cooperative, community-oriented bank."

"Everyone there goes out of his or her way for you."

"It's a trusted community bank, like the banks I grew up with"

"We've had accounts there since our kids were little. Sunnyside taught them how to save."

"Everyone there knows me and we know them. What other bank can say that these days?"

"I love the personal touch and first-name basis at Sunnyside."

"We appreciate their sponsorship of so many events."

"Solid, trustworthy, and local."

"My money is safe and I can sleep at night--gives a great comfort level."

Bank On The Go

The Sunnyside Federal Mobile App allows you to view your account information, check on recent activity, schedule transfers, pay bills from your phone, find nearby ATMs, and so much more!

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