Save up for something special, or just build a safety net. This account earns competitive interest to build savings quickly.

Track transactions in a Sunnyside Federal passbook to stay on top of your accounts. It's money management made simple, whether this is your first savings account, or you've been savings for years.


  • Basic savings account with passbook for easy money management
  • $10 minimum balance required to earn interest
  • Interest is compounded daily
  • Maintain a $50 minimum daily balance to avoid the $5 monthly service charge
  • Unlimited in person withdrawals and deposits
  • Low $10 minimum opening deposit

Stop in the Sunnyside Federal Irvington, NY bank branch in the Hudson Valley to open an account.

7-Month CD Special

5.00 APY*

Interest Rate 4.88%
No Minimum Balance 

*Annual Percentage Yield

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