No need to visit the Irvington, NY bank branch in the Hudson Valley for your banking needs. Bank wherever you are with Sunnyside Federal's iMobile app for iOS and Android devices. With our mobile app, you can view your account information, check on recent activity, schedule transfers digitally, pay bills from your phone, find nearby ATMs, and so much more! Quickly view your balances and most recent transactions on your smartphone or tablet. For additional security, enable fingerprint or facial recognition to open the app on your device. 

On top of all these convenient capabilities, additional features of the Sunnyside Mobile Banking app include:

  • Deposit checks with Mobile Deposit
  • Secure messaging
  • Stop payments
  • Enable/disable debit card
  • Manage alerts
  • Push notifications

Now you can bank on the go with mobile banking from Sunnyside Federal. Our mobile app is available to all customers who are enrolled in online banking. For more information, read our Privacy Policy and contact us for App Support.

Download our iMobile app today

To get started, simply visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download Sunnyside Mobile Banking for your smartphone or tablet.

Q: What is iMobile?

A: iMobile is the brand used to indicate access to iBanking on a Mobile device.  This includes access via Mobile browser and downloadable mobile apps.


Q: What types of apps are supported?

A: iOS (available in the Apple iTunes store), Android (available in the Google Play Store) and Fire OS (based on Android and available in the Amazon Appstore).


Q: Are Windows Mobile devices supported?

A: Windows Mobile apps are not supported at this time.  However, these devices can access the iBanking website or iMobile browser pages.


Q: What OS versions do the iMobile apps work on?

A:   The last two OS versions for each OS type will be supported. The default browser on each OS is supported.


Q: Are knowledge base questions and reverse authentication available on mobile apps?

A: Yes, both the reverse authentication and knowledge base questions are available for mobile apps.


Q: Is there a way for users to quickly view account balances without logging into mobile banking?

A: Yes, for devices associated with the users of the mobile downloadable app, the Fast Balances feature enables them to register the mobile device to display account balances prior to logging in.


Q: How do I register for iMobile?

A: You are registered in iBanking, the same registration will be used for iMobile.


Q: Do I have to register for both iBanking and iMobile?

A: No, if you are registered in iBanking, the same credentials will be used to login to the iMobile app.


Q: Are check images visible in the app? (Account history)

A: Yes, check images (cleared checks) are visible from the account history/activity page.


Q: Are account nicknames displayed on the apps?

A: Yes, Account nicknames are displayed on the mobile apps.  These can be changed in iBanking only and will reflect in iMobile.


Q: Are there any differences from the app and mobile browsers?

A: The mobile browsers site will have the same appearance as the iMobile app, but you can switch from the mobile app view and the “full site view” on the mobile browser.


Q: How many devices can I enable with Fast Balances?

A: You can enable Fast Balances on any of your own devices, at your discretion.


Q: Will changes on the desktop reflect on the Mobile app automatically?

A: Yes, most of the changes made on desktop will reflect on the mobile app.  However, not all will display automatically.  It will depend on the type of change it is.  For more information please contact App Support.


Q: Can I add, edit and delete Bill Pay payees?

A: Yes, you can add, edit and delete Bill Pay payees at any point from iBanking and iMobile.


Q: Are unlinked transfers available from the Mobile app?

A: Yes, linked account transfers are available from the Mobile app.


Q: Will my apps be available internationally?

A:  Apps can be downloaded from anywhere you make them available.

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